2010 NAVCC Rally

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National Association of Veteran Cycle Clubs Annual Rally


National Association of Veteran Cycle Clubs Annual Rally


This was the 54th annual rally although the first one held in the North West of England and the first one hosted by NCVCCC. It was a super weekend thoroughly enjoyed by the participants.

A big thank you goes out to all those who attended with a bigger thank you to the very hard working committee. Brian DuFeu made an exceptionally professional job of taking the bookings and keeping the accounts. Charles Jepson and Dave Phillipson were very dependable in their support and the rally wouldn’t have functioned without them. A special thanks must go to Alex and Janet Baxter who gave us much local input.

The rally started, as is usual with most National’s, with eager participants arriving earlier than advertised. Luckily the team were on site and ready for action. When so many old friends get together it is bound to be a happy time (albeit a bit of an anxious time for organisers). With the welcome billed for seven o’clock on the Friday evening we thought a visit to the local fish and chip shop would make a convenient meal for so many people. The fish and chip shop were somewhat bewildered to receive a telephone order for nearly 30 fish suppers even though we had pre-warned them. We were fortunate in having a warm summer’s evening where Bob Hutchinson, our club president and Cliff Denton, the Association president, formally welcomed everyone with a glass of wine or juice. This evening set the tone for the weekend, everyone was relaxed and pleased to be in the area. Conversations went on well into the dark.


Saturday morning and the jumble came out round caravans and tents. At 12.30 we all assembled for the afternoon ride to a local private museum. The route took us through Croston itself where the motorists behaved impeccably. We continued on along quiet back roads, some of which were in need of repair! Arriving at Joan Hunter’s was a really magical experience. At one end the building houses the organ from the Southport theatre and Joan had organised an organist to play it for us. With the backdrop of the garden it made an idyllic setting. On entering the museum we were greeted by the sight of a table groaning under the weight of the most fabulous cakes and savouries which we were invited to participate in. These were washed down with gallons of tea. And all the time we were looking at the super collection of bicycles that are housed there along with restored wagons and a spiral staircase leading up to a watch tower. Our very grateful thanks go to Joan and her family for their very kind hospitality.


Saturday night was spent in the Highfield Restaurant where we were fortunate to have the function room. At Charles’ suggestion we invited the Mikron Theatre Company to perform their play ‘Pedal Power.’ This is the story of the National Clarion Cycling Clubtold with music and song. Although it focused on the Clarion it really told the story of cyclists, cycle clubs and the traditional cycle shops that all of us know in a way that is part of our own personal history. It was a very moving and inspirational production. The evening meal went down well and fittingly finished a really good day.


Sunday is the official day of the rally and we all assembled at the Highfield for tea and coffee before the ride. On a somewhat windy day we set out, skirting the local villages and making our way to a local hostelry. It was commented on that the atmosphere of the rally was extremely friendly and that it was nowhere more noticeable than at the pub stop where people were very much one big family and not little individual groups. Following this our ride took us back through narrow lanes to the Highfield. We should like to thank the marshals especially Michael and Andrew Stout, Phil Wray, Malcolm Collins, Charles, Dave, Trish and Graham Rothwell, Nigel Sims and brother Michael who had the important task of being tail-end Charlie.



Once again the Highfield did us proud with a roast Sunday lunch. This was followed by the presentation of awards which had been judged by Joan Hunter, Bill Haylor and Colin Slater to whom we offer very grateful thanks.



The trophy winners were:

Sandra Catherall

Russell Squires

Alan Whitmee,

Cherry Ireland

and the family trophy went to the Sims family, Nigel, Kerry, and the twins Douglas and Harry (who were only 9 weeks old).

Bob Hutchinson wound up the event with thanks to everyone.

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