Sour Nook Rally 2007

August 24th to 27th 2007 – Robert Waite
Friday to Monday with Rides Saturday and Sunday.
Base was The Sour Nook Public House which supplied stands for Motor Campers and Caravans.  Excellent support from Northumbria, Durham, North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Lancashire, and of course Cumbria.  As to be expected riding on the edge of the Lake District one will find hills.  This was no exception and a fairly brisk Northerly breeze did not help, but it was dry and overcast.  We made our way along narrow country lanes bounded by hedges and trees with the sounds of only birds, sheep and cattle occasionally filling the ears and of course the odd motor vehicle.   I wonder how Wordsworth would have described it.

Free wheeling down hills is great but one knows it will be hard craft going up the other side, very rarely is there a down without an up, quite a fete on a pre 1900 Penny, but equally challenging on post 1900 machines.   Even the more modern classics were groaning a little, luckly one can always dismount and walk.   Through the well kept village of Raughton Head we paused for a while down at Rose Bridge which is over the river Caldew, one of the rivers responsible for the serious flooding of the City of Carlisle a couple of years ago.  At this time quite sedate and tranquil in a lovely setting.  One tried to catch a glimpse of the odd kingfisher or dipper, but only got the very occasional sunbeam peeping through the trees on the bank.  Onward we passed Rose Castle, this is home of the Bishop of Carlisle he was probabley too busy checking on some restoration work being carried out on Carlisle Cathedral to give us a thought, is there such a thing as heavenly cycle.  The next place  on route was Lime House School, longer serving members of the V-CC will remember that this was the venue for The Club Camp in 2001.  Time fly’s.  We passed throught the little hamlet of Hawksdale where incidently I did see a Sparrow Hawk hovering lookin for its lunch.  Then to Bridge End where the garage had a nice collection of Classic Cars.  The ride finished in the Village of Dalston which had all the facilities one would require ie. Tea Rooms, Pubs, Doctors etc….
It was nice to see our section secretary June Tutin back in the saddle with husband George and of course Bess, riding courtesy of, the Living Lightly Trailer, and another passenger was Tess  happily viewing the scenery from the wicker basket on Janet Rigby’s handle bars.  What a life.

We had lunch at aptly named Crumbs Café where everything was made to order hot or cold and as the sun had broken through all tables in the garden were fully occupied.  Across the road a young chap was plying his trade in bicycle repairs, for the village residents, and any passing casualties, his transport was a cycle with a wheeled box at the front and trailer at the back packed with all necessary spares and tools, very ambitious and trade was brisk.  One of our gentlemen riders, a Mr Alec Baxter from Lancashire riding a 1885 Matchless Ordinary went off on an exploration Tour of the Village.  This chap was so versatile with things he could do on a Penny.  From the horses mouth I learnt that he had done lands end to John 0 Groats on a Penny in seven and one half days.  He explained that he did it in anger.  He has actually done this journey twice.  A remarkable gentleman.

Lunch over and well rested the troupe set for back to base, through that beautiful scenery and very undulating roads.   Is it me of does the wind change automatically.  A Circuit of Approx 12 miles.  Not content with the days ride, two of our intrepid cyclists, namely, Geoff Fearnley from West Yorkshire on his 1957 Dawes Debounair and friend John Smith from Ayrshire in Scotland on his very original 1949 Holdsworth Super Cyclone decided to take off on another long jaunt.   This time heading west to take in Dalston, Bridge End Buckabank, Raughton Head, Gaitsgill, Skiprigg, Stockdale Wath, Ivegill, Middlescough, Sowerby Row, back to Sour Nook, A circuit of at least another 25 miles.

The Riders Today Were:-

Paul Reid 1880 English Ordinary
George Tutin 200 M Steel with Bess in Living Lightly Trailor
June Tutin 1983 Claude Butler
Douglas Reid Modern Bike Trailer & Daughter.
Robert Waite 1922 Vindec
John Slinger 2000 Ambrosia
Edna Slinger 1947 Ladies Hill Special
Bill Hutchinson 1932 Sunbeam
Dave Phillipson 1959 Flying Scott
Cliff Denton 1937 Taper Tube Granby
Jane Denton 1900 Cryto Alpha Bantam
Bob Hutchinson 1893 Cryto No 3
Alec Baxter 1885 Matchless Ordinary
Janet Rigby & Tess in Basket 1913 Loop Frame Olympia
Mick Stout 1886 Premier Ordinary
Victoria Harley 1970’s Mercian
Andrew Stout  1980’s  T. J.Cycles
Geoff Fearnley 1957 DawesDebonair
John Smith 1949 Holdsworth Super Cyclone.

Also in Attendance
May Hutchinson
Eileen Reid
Doris Hutchinson.

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