Sour Nook Rally 2007 – Sunday Ride


If one chooses the day or days correctly as we did on this very pleasant sunny and windless Sunday one can sense the peace and tranquillity of this beautiful countryside as we headed further into the Lake District, putting aside or course the panting on the numerous hills, again we were on narrow country lanes passing white painted houses and farms bounded by numerous dry stone walls.   We passed through the village of Newlands to encounter one or two very steep descents and hairpin bends which called for some dismounting and using shank’s pony, onward and upwards through the village of Hesket New Market renowned for its brewery which produces one of the widest ranges of distinctive and full flavoured real ales in the country.  From three to six percent A.B.V  It is owned by a Co-operative of enthusiastic local villages and friends.  We pressed on to the village of Caldbeck for lunch which was in The Old Blacksmiths Forge now a little Café and Trinket Shop.  Two chaps were busy outside on their local crafts one working with clay making house sign’s etc, the other was a Wood Turner making clocks and other useful gadgets.  Across the road was a traditional Clog Maker, Wooden Soles and all, after a splendid lunch washed down only by tea and coffee, we made tracks to visit the Old Priest Mill no longer working mill, but the wheel and gearing are still in tack with other traditional exhibits.  It is now a well stocked café with surrounding stone buildings converted into various craft shops

On the outskirts of Caldbeck up in the fells lives the internationally know climber Mr Chris Bonnington.  Who has climbed Everest and probably all the best know mountains around the World.

Reversing our journey we made our way back to Hesket New Market where the Pub, The Old Crown was now open this particular Pub is where Prince Charles always visits when he is in the lake district to try out some of the locally brewed beer.  Our riders were no exception and it was a bit like a testing station for the various brews with some great names as in the tradition of the lake district ie. Helvelln, Skiddaw, & Haystacks which was a favourite climb of the well known writer of guide books Alfred Wainwright.  A No Parking on the village green sign became the ideal place to park the bikes against with much revelry.  Bob Hutchinson riding a Crypto No 3 was having trouble with his knee so decided to opt for a lift back to base, so his keeper and very good friend Cliff Denton who was riding a Taper Tube Granby decide he would keep him company, so it was to the village seat under the Chestnut Tree with pints in hand to await the arrival of Paul Reid in his van, but first Paul riding a James Trycycle had to negotiate the way back to base.

Even the stalwarts Alex Baxter and Mike Stout had to give some of the hills best with their ordinaries.  Poor Edna Slinger could have done with a winged wheel in her ladies Hill Special.  Her husband John was on a very modern machine called an Embrosia, I always thought they make rice.

Myself riding a 1922 Vindec tried to hard on of the hills that I actually pulled the back wheel across and it was rubbing on the frame, luckily the Rice man had the appropriate spanner.  Was that a Llama peering over the hedge smiling.  It was good to have our section Secretary June Tutin back in harness doing both days on a very nice 1983 Claude Butler Majestic.  We all missed the presence of Mike Sims this time unable to make the journey up from Gloucestershire.

So back to base for communal chat, tea, coffee, cake and scones for some a welcome rest, a circuit of some 12 miles.

Once again Geoff Fearnley and John Smith did quite a lot of extra miles, taking in more of the countryside probable another 10 miles.


Alex Baxter        1885 Matchless Ordinary
Mike Stout           1886 Premier Ordinary
Bob Hutchinson   1893 Crypto No 3
Janet Rigby       1913 Loop Frame Olympia
Paul Reid       c1920’s James Trycycle
Robert Waite        1922 Vindec
Cliff Denton       1937 Taper Tube Granby
Bill Hutchinson    1932 Sunbeam
Edna Slinger        1947 Ladies Hill Special
John Smith       1949 Holdsworth Super Cyclone
Geoff Fearnley     1957 Dawes Debonair
Dave Phillipson    1959 Flying Scott Continental
Victoria Harley   1970 Mercian
Andrew Stout     c1980’s T.J Cycles
June Tutin       1983 Claude Butler Majestic
John Slinger       2000 Ambrosia
George Tutin         2000 M Steel
Bess          Living Lightly Trailer
Dougie Reid       Very modern Bicycle with trailer.
and Daughter, Elizabeth.

Also in Attendance.

Eileen Reid.
May Hutchinson
Dorothy Waite
Jane Denton
Doris Hutchinson
Tess in Basket
A 1900 Crypto Alpha Bantom.
A 1947 Hill Special
A Gents Hercules.

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