March 2015 Newsletter

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Newsletter March  2015

It is with a heavy heart that I must report the sad news that one of our members Phil Wray passed away on the 2nd of February.  Bob Hutchinson and I represented the club and Eileen was the officiant. Our thoughts are with Lorna his wife. Most people will know Phil as the long term editor of VCC News & Views as well as being the current NAVCC President.

It is the start of a new season and the first event is the excellent Easter  week-end at Brough with the Kirkby Stephen Commercial Vehicles Rally. Bill has secured us a perfect location in a small park just off the main route in Brough. Please contact Bill Hutchinson (01768 34172301768 341723) for more details.

The club AGM will be held on Sunday 26th April at National Railway Museum, Shildon, details as below. If anyone has any ideas for future events or has anything to raise please contact the Secretary, Paul Reid (016973 43089) or e-mail

As some of you are well aware, over the last few months I’ve been helping with the organisation of York Rally. This returns again after a break of two years. It will be held at the Knavesmire, York from Friday 19th to Sunday 21st June. Northern Counties have again been asked to run the veteran and classic cycle display. I thought that this year it might be the time to try something a little different. I was going to suggest, in addition to our normal display, a section for early and unusual mountain bikes. Enclosed with this newsletter is an entry form for the York Rally display. I’d be grateful if these could be back with me by 31st May. (If you’d like an electronic version please just e-mail). It would be good to have a veteran/classic ride out from the Knavesmire, if anyone is  interested we can maybe discuss it at the meeting after the AGM. As for York Rally itself, things are going well and the emphasis is very much more on a proper cyclists get together than it has been latterly.

A brief mention about this year’s NAVCC National Rally. It will be held at Ramsey Rural Museum, Ramsey, Cambridgeshire, 4th to 6th September. The ride on the Sunday will be run in memory of Phil who was involved in the organisation of this rally at the time of his death. For more information please contact Paul.

Club Regalia Sales

The club regalia is stocked in brilliant red with the logo in gold.   Items may be purchased from :  Andrew Stout, 3, Staffordshire Drive, Moor Park, Belmont, DURHAM. DH1 2DW.

Price List

Polo Shirt ………………………………………..£ 8.50

Sweat Shirt ………………………………………£12. 00

Hoodie  …………………………………………… £16. 50

Fleece ……………………………………………… £19.00

Ladies Cardigan ……………………………….  £18.50

Childs Polo shirt ……………………………….. £7.00

Club Blazer badge black & gold……………£4.50

2015 Forthcoming Events


  • April 4th&5th  Kirkby Stephen Easter Commercial Vehicle Weekend. More info from Bill Hutchinson.
  • April  26th A.G.M. at  Shildon National Rail Museum  Co Durham. Meet at 10am, for ride-out,    A.G.M   from 12.00 to 2.00 pm
  • June 20th -21ndYork Cycle Rally Weekend more info from Paul,         Tel 016973  43089
  • September 6st N.A.V.C.C.National Rally hosted by  Retro Cycle Club
  • September11`th, Kendal Torchlight Carnival starts at 7.30pm contact Paul Tel.  016973 43089
  • Winter ride in Cumbria on 2nd Sunday of each month Please phone Paul for details on 016973 43089


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Northern Counties Veteran & Classic Cycle Club

A.G.M. 2015

Meeting to be held on Sun. 26th
“Locomotion” the National Railway Museum Shildon,
April 2015 at Co. Durham DL1 1PQ.
Take junction 58 from M1 onto the A68 (towards Corbridge) and follow the “LOCOMOTION” Sign. We intend to meet at 10.00 a.m. to take a short cycle ride before starting the meeting at 12.00. The AGM will take palce in the McNay Room which is in the Welcome Building. This is at the western end of the site (1km away from the main building) There are car parking spaces there.


1. Apologies for absence

2. Minutes of last AGM

3. Matters Arising

4. President’s Report

5. Secretary’s Report

6. Treasurer’s Report with Accounts

7. Adoption of Accounts

8. Election of Committee

9. Election of Officers

10. Any Other Business.

After the meeting we shall have tea and biscuits followed by a general meeting about the future

direction of the club over the coming year.

• Forthcoming Events for 2015.

• Club Magazine

• Club Website

• Publicity

• Other items members want to discuss

•  For apologies for absence please contact the secretary Paul Reid on 016973 43089 or e-mail also for any other information.

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Sour Nook Rally 2007

August 24th to 27th 2007 – Robert Waite
Friday to Monday with Rides Saturday and Sunday.
Base was The Sour Nook Public House which supplied stands for Motor Campers and Caravans.  Excellent support from Northumbria, Durham, North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, Lancashire, and of course Cumbria.  As to be expected riding on the edge of the Lake District one will find hills.  This was no exception and a fairly brisk Northerly breeze did not help, but it was dry and overcast.  We made our way along narrow country lanes bounded by hedges and trees with the sounds of only birds, sheep and cattle occasionally filling the ears and of course the odd motor vehicle.   I wonder how Wordsworth would have described it.

Free wheeling down hills is great but one knows it will be hard craft going up the other side, very rarely is there a down without an up, quite a fete on a pre 1900 Penny, but equally challenging on post 1900 machines.   Even the more modern classics were groaning a little, luckly one can always dismount and walk.   Through the well kept village of Raughton Head we paused for a while down at Rose Bridge which is over the river Caldew, one of the rivers responsible for the serious flooding of the City of Carlisle a couple of years ago.  At this time quite sedate and tranquil in a lovely setting.  One tried to catch a glimpse of the odd kingfisher or dipper, but only got the very occasional sunbeam peeping through the trees on the bank.  Onward we passed Rose Castle, this is home of the Bishop of Carlisle he was probabley too busy checking on some restoration work being carried out on Carlisle Cathedral to give us a thought, is there such a thing as heavenly cycle.  The next place  on route was Lime House School, longer serving members of the V-CC will remember that this was the venue for The Club Camp in 2001.  Time fly’s.  We passed throught the little hamlet of Hawksdale where incidently I did see a Sparrow Hawk hovering lookin for its lunch.  Then to Bridge End where the garage had a nice collection of Classic Cars.  The ride finished in the Village of Dalston which had all the facilities one would require ie. Tea Rooms, Pubs, Doctors etc….
It was nice to see our section secretary June Tutin back in the saddle with husband George and of course Bess, riding courtesy of, the Living Lightly Trailer, and another passenger was Tess  happily viewing the scenery from the wicker basket on Janet Rigby’s handle bars.  What a life.

We had lunch at aptly named Crumbs Café where everything was made to order hot or cold and as the sun had broken through all tables in the garden were fully occupied.  Across the road a young chap was plying his trade in bicycle repairs, for the village residents, and any passing casualties, his transport was a cycle with a wheeled box at the front and trailer at the back packed with all necessary spares and tools, very ambitious and trade was brisk.  One of our gentlemen riders, a Mr Alec Baxter from Lancashire riding a 1885 Matchless Ordinary went off on an exploration Tour of the Village.  This chap was so versatile with things he could do on a Penny.  From the horses mouth I learnt that he had done lands end to John 0 Groats on a Penny in seven and one half days.  He explained that he did it in anger.  He has actually done this journey twice.  A remarkable gentleman.

Lunch over and well rested the troupe set for back to base, through that beautiful scenery and very undulating roads.   Is it me of does the wind change automatically.  A Circuit of Approx 12 miles.  Not content with the days ride, two of our intrepid cyclists, namely, Geoff Fearnley from West Yorkshire on his 1957 Dawes Debounair and friend John Smith from Ayrshire in Scotland on his very original 1949 Holdsworth Super Cyclone decided to take off on another long jaunt.   This time heading west to take in Dalston, Bridge End Buckabank, Raughton Head, Gaitsgill, Skiprigg, Stockdale Wath, Ivegill, Middlescough, Sowerby Row, back to Sour Nook, A circuit of at least another 25 miles.

The Riders Today Were:-

Paul Reid 1880 English Ordinary
George Tutin 200 M Steel with Bess in Living Lightly Trailor
June Tutin 1983 Claude Butler
Douglas Reid Modern Bike Trailer & Daughter.
Robert Waite 1922 Vindec
John Slinger 2000 Ambrosia
Edna Slinger 1947 Ladies Hill Special
Bill Hutchinson 1932 Sunbeam
Dave Phillipson 1959 Flying Scott
Cliff Denton 1937 Taper Tube Granby
Jane Denton 1900 Cryto Alpha Bantam
Bob Hutchinson 1893 Cryto No 3
Alec Baxter 1885 Matchless Ordinary
Janet Rigby & Tess in Basket 1913 Loop Frame Olympia
Mick Stout 1886 Premier Ordinary
Victoria Harley 1970’s Mercian
Andrew Stout  1980’s  T. J.Cycles
Geoff Fearnley 1957 DawesDebonair
John Smith 1949 Holdsworth Super Cyclone.

Also in Attendance
May Hutchinson
Eileen Reid
Doris Hutchinson.

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Sour Nook Rally 2007 – Sunday Ride


If one chooses the day or days correctly as we did on this very pleasant sunny and windless Sunday one can sense the peace and tranquillity of this beautiful countryside as we headed further into the Lake District, putting aside or course the panting on the numerous hills, again we were on narrow country lanes passing white painted houses and farms bounded by numerous dry stone walls.   We passed through the village of Newlands to encounter one or two very steep descents and hairpin bends which called for some dismounting and using shank’s pony, onward and upwards through the village of Hesket New Market renowned for its brewery which produces one of the widest ranges of distinctive and full flavoured real ales in the country.  From three to six percent A.B.V  It is owned by a Co-operative of enthusiastic local villages and friends.  We pressed on to the village of Caldbeck for lunch which was in The Old Blacksmiths Forge now a little Café and Trinket Shop.  Two chaps were busy outside on their local crafts one working with clay making house sign’s etc, the other was a Wood Turner making clocks and other useful gadgets.  Across the road was a traditional Clog Maker, Wooden Soles and all, after a splendid lunch washed down only by tea and coffee, we made tracks to visit the Old Priest Mill no longer working mill, but the wheel and gearing are still in tack with other traditional exhibits.  It is now a well stocked café with surrounding stone buildings converted into various craft shops

On the outskirts of Caldbeck up in the fells lives the internationally know climber Mr Chris Bonnington.  Who has climbed Everest and probably all the best know mountains around the World.

Reversing our journey we made our way back to Hesket New Market where the Pub, The Old Crown was now open this particular Pub is where Prince Charles always visits when he is in the lake district to try out some of the locally brewed beer.  Our riders were no exception and it was a bit like a testing station for the various brews with some great names as in the tradition of the lake district ie. Helvelln, Skiddaw, & Haystacks which was a favourite climb of the well known writer of guide books Alfred Wainwright.  A No Parking on the village green sign became the ideal place to park the bikes against with much revelry.  Bob Hutchinson riding a Crypto No 3 was having trouble with his knee so decided to opt for a lift back to base, so his keeper and very good friend Cliff Denton who was riding a Taper Tube Granby decide he would keep him company, so it was to the village seat under the Chestnut Tree with pints in hand to await the arrival of Paul Reid in his van, but first Paul riding a James Trycycle had to negotiate the way back to base.

Even the stalwarts Alex Baxter and Mike Stout had to give some of the hills best with their ordinaries.  Poor Edna Slinger could have done with a winged wheel in her ladies Hill Special.  Her husband John was on a very modern machine called an Embrosia, I always thought they make rice.

Myself riding a 1922 Vindec tried to hard on of the hills that I actually pulled the back wheel across and it was rubbing on the frame, luckily the Rice man had the appropriate spanner.  Was that a Llama peering over the hedge smiling.  It was good to have our section Secretary June Tutin back in harness doing both days on a very nice 1983 Claude Butler Majestic.  We all missed the presence of Mike Sims this time unable to make the journey up from Gloucestershire.

So back to base for communal chat, tea, coffee, cake and scones for some a welcome rest, a circuit of some 12 miles.

Once again Geoff Fearnley and John Smith did quite a lot of extra miles, taking in more of the countryside probable another 10 miles.


Alex Baxter        1885 Matchless Ordinary
Mike Stout           1886 Premier Ordinary
Bob Hutchinson   1893 Crypto No 3
Janet Rigby       1913 Loop Frame Olympia
Paul Reid       c1920’s James Trycycle
Robert Waite        1922 Vindec
Cliff Denton       1937 Taper Tube Granby
Bill Hutchinson    1932 Sunbeam
Edna Slinger        1947 Ladies Hill Special
John Smith       1949 Holdsworth Super Cyclone
Geoff Fearnley     1957 Dawes Debonair
Dave Phillipson    1959 Flying Scott Continental
Victoria Harley   1970 Mercian
Andrew Stout     c1980’s T.J Cycles
June Tutin       1983 Claude Butler Majestic
John Slinger       2000 Ambrosia
George Tutin         2000 M Steel
Bess          Living Lightly Trailer
Dougie Reid       Very modern Bicycle with trailer.
and Daughter, Elizabeth.

Also in Attendance.

Eileen Reid.
May Hutchinson
Dorothy Waite
Jane Denton
Doris Hutchinson
Tess in Basket
A 1900 Crypto Alpha Bantom.
A 1947 Hill Special
A Gents Hercules.

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Sour Nook Rally 2007 – Monday Ride


Basically the day for packing to go home but not before there was a well organised freewheeling exercise  this was won by the Rice |Man John Slinger on his Ambrosia purchased from the Eric Lear Collection.  Paul Reid gave an exhibition of mounting and dismounting an 1880 English Ordinary, followed by a demonstration of a bicycle which when pedalled forwards or backwards the cycle still drove forwards. One or two others had to have a go, my wife was duly invited to mount an Ordinary and being of an adventurous nature accepted.

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Hi everyone Hope you all had a good Christmas and that Santa came with lots of goodies! …


Hi everyone
Hope you all had a good Christmas and that Santa came with lots of goodies!
Just a reminder for those who haven’t let me know whether they are coming to the Christmas/New Year Lunch and AGM at the Priory Cafe, Scorton, Nr Garstang on the 11th January 2009.  We will be meeting at 10 am for a ride for all those enthusiastic members. For those non-riders the cafe will be open and we will have use of the meeting room from 11 am. Lunch is booked for 12.30 (choose off the menu).  The AGM will be held after lunch (about 2.30 ish) followed by a general meeting.  I am attaching an Agenda for the AGM – please let me know if you are coming so that I can let the cafe know numbers etc.
Happy New Year to you all.  Hope to see you at Scorton.
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NAVCC National Rally 2010

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The President and the committee of the Northern Counties Veteran & Classic Cycle Club invite all members of the clubs affiliated to the N. A. V. C. C. to join them for the 54th Annual rally to be held at the Royal Umpire Caravan Park, Southport Road. Croston, Leyland, Lancashire, PR26 9JB

Preview programme and Application Form (Microsoft Word)

Preview programme and Application Form (Adobe Acrobat PDF)

Application Form (Microsoft Word)

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NAVCC National Rally 2010 Videos

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5


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2010 NAVCC Rally

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National Association of Veteran Cycle Clubs Annual Rally


National Association of Veteran Cycle Clubs Annual Rally


This was the 54th annual rally although the first one held in the North West of England and the first one hosted by NCVCCC. It was a super weekend thoroughly enjoyed by the participants.

A big thank you goes out to all those who attended with a bigger thank you to the very hard working committee. Brian DuFeu made an exceptionally professional job of taking the bookings and keeping the accounts. Charles Jepson and Dave Phillipson were very dependable in their support and the rally wouldn’t have functioned without them. A special thanks must go to Alex and Janet Baxter who gave us much local input.

The rally started, as is usual with most National’s, with eager participants arriving earlier than advertised. Luckily the team were on site and ready for action. When so many old friends get together it is bound to be a happy time (albeit a bit of an anxious time for organisers). With the welcome billed for seven o’clock on the Friday evening we thought a visit to the local fish and chip shop would make a convenient meal for so many people. The fish and chip shop were somewhat bewildered to receive a telephone order for nearly 30 fish suppers even though we had pre-warned them. We were fortunate in having a warm summer’s evening where Bob Hutchinson, our club president and Cliff Denton, the Association president, formally welcomed everyone with a glass of wine or juice. This evening set the tone for the weekend, everyone was relaxed and pleased to be in the area. Conversations went on well into the dark.


Saturday morning and the jumble came out round caravans and tents. At 12.30 we all assembled for the afternoon ride to a local private museum. The route took us through Croston itself where the motorists behaved impeccably. We continued on along quiet back roads, some of which were in need of repair! Arriving at Joan Hunter’s was a really magical experience. At one end the building houses the organ from the Southport theatre and Joan had organised an organist to play it for us. With the backdrop of the garden it made an idyllic setting. On entering the museum we were greeted by the sight of a table groaning under the weight of the most fabulous cakes and savouries which we were invited to participate in. These were washed down with gallons of tea. And all the time we were looking at the super collection of bicycles that are housed there along with restored wagons and a spiral staircase leading up to a watch tower. Our very grateful thanks go to Joan and her family for their very kind hospitality.


Saturday night was spent in the Highfield Restaurant where we were fortunate to have the function room. At Charles’ suggestion we invited the Mikron Theatre Company to perform their play ‘Pedal Power.’ This is the story of the National Clarion Cycling Clubtold with music and song. Although it focused on the Clarion it really told the story of cyclists, cycle clubs and the traditional cycle shops that all of us know in a way that is part of our own personal history. It was a very moving and inspirational production. The evening meal went down well and fittingly finished a really good day.


Sunday is the official day of the rally and we all assembled at the Highfield for tea and coffee before the ride. On a somewhat windy day we set out, skirting the local villages and making our way to a local hostelry. It was commented on that the atmosphere of the rally was extremely friendly and that it was nowhere more noticeable than at the pub stop where people were very much one big family and not little individual groups. Following this our ride took us back through narrow lanes to the Highfield. We should like to thank the marshals especially Michael and Andrew Stout, Phil Wray, Malcolm Collins, Charles, Dave, Trish and Graham Rothwell, Nigel Sims and brother Michael who had the important task of being tail-end Charlie.



Once again the Highfield did us proud with a roast Sunday lunch. This was followed by the presentation of awards which had been judged by Joan Hunter, Bill Haylor and Colin Slater to whom we offer very grateful thanks.



The trophy winners were:

Sandra Catherall

Russell Squires

Alan Whitmee,

Cherry Ireland

and the family trophy went to the Sims family, Nigel, Kerry, and the twins Douglas and Harry (who were only 9 weeks old).

Bob Hutchinson wound up the event with thanks to everyone.

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Sedgefeild 2010 Rally Weekend

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Sedgefield Rally Co Durham

Sedgefield Rally Co Durham

For the first time the Northern Counties held a weekend event in County Durham. It was organized by Mike Stout and family. Camping was available in a secluded field which is part of the racecourse. On Saturday we rode through the slightly rolling lanes to a village pub. We sat outside and enjoyed the food and sunshine before heading back to the racecourse. Saturday night a barbeque was held on a beautiful summer’s evening. Many thanks must go to the Stout family for their hard work and to Useless the dog for the entertainment. Sunday morning the ride went to the Hardwick County Park. It was a short ride but ideal for older machines and the park has fantastic views and a tea shop.

After tea and food we returned back to the site. We all agreed it had been an excellent weekend and are delighted that Mike is willing to run it again next year.


Next year . . . . .

Sedgefield Rally, Co Durham                    June 17th to 19th 2011,

a weekend for your favourite bicycle.

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